Bio Daniel Lezama

Daniel Lezama was born in Mexico City in 1968. He studied Visual Arts in the National University. In 2001 he is awarded the acquisition prize in the Tenth Tamayo Biennale. In Mexico, he has been awarded student and professional career endowments from the National Arts Fund on several occasions, and is currently a member of National Artist System.  An extensive monographic book on his work was published on the occasion of his 2008 mid-career retrospective The Prodigal Mother. A second major book focusing on the Travelers series –shown at Hilario Galguera Gallery- was published by Jovis Art in Germany in 2011. Lezama has presented over one hundred solo and collective exhibitions, amongst which we find Grandes Maestros del Siglo XX at MARCO Museum, the 2nd Beijing Biennale, El Mito de Dos Volcanes at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico, Imperium at the  Leipzig Spinnerei,  and Imágenes de la Patria, at the MUNAL, the Mexican Pavillion of the Milan Universal Exhibit, and the 10th Mercosul Biennale in Brazil. He is represented in many public and private collections in Mexico and the rest of the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico, the Murderme Collection in London, the Museo del Barrio in NYC, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Essl Sammlung and Black Coffee Foundation, among many others. He has also participated in the Mexican artistic scene as commentarist,  jury, curator, and tutor of young generations of visual artists.