The Dream of Juan Diego

On the fabled Hill of Tepeyac, the old place of Tonantzin, goddess of fertility and motherhood, the dusty dry crossroads of many migrants and cultures, the gateway to the Island-City of Mexico and watchtower of national destinies, the goat shepherd has a dream. Juan Diego dreams of the impossible understanding of a torn self, confronted at the same time with orphanhood and the omnipresence of Mother, of sex itself… tlaltipacáyotl…”that which belongs to the surface of the earth”. Understanding of a self that is other: the contemplation of the fullblown rose, the paid offering of the image in the slit, the sheltering night-sky of Pathmos-Tenochtitlan… the island where another Saint/John is given another revelation by María Guadalupe herself. But his other dream, his dream of death, will take the reins at the moment of consecration, the fulfillment of an impossible promise: the first image belonging